Vocal Remover App For Karaoke

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Vocal Remover app for transform any music in your library in to an instant karaoke!
โ˜† New feature in version 1.2 โ˜†
โ˜… Save processed song into audio file.
โ˜… Much improved performance and audio quality.
โ˜… Adjustable save file bitrate 96 – 320 kbps.

โ˜† Feature โ˜†
โ˜… Adjustable vocal remover effect strength.
โ˜… Realtime vocal remover effect for any music in your library.
โ˜… Display of album cover from your library.
โ˜… Playback control support seeking.
โ˜… Save processed song as audio file.

Note: Result may vary according to the type of music and devices performance, (Song is not included).

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